Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Clara's Loom in Foley

Man, it's been a while! How you been doing? Hope all you Northerners are doing okay with the storm. I've been knitting like crazy and still haven't gone up to unpack my sewing room since my roommates were here a few weeks ago. I'm almost finished with the cardigan, but I thought I'd share where this knitting obsession has led me.

I found a yarn store and gallery off the main drag in Foley! If you're ever headed to Gulf Shores and need a fix of yarn, Clara's Loom is right off Highway 59.

I think she's only open Thursday-Saturday, but she has a loom upstairs and she'll show you her work. She sells beautiful items, and has lots of interesting yarn too.

The only drawback is that she doesn't knit or crochet, so she couldn't help me with gauge questions, but she did help me find a color to coordinate with my cardigan.

The brown she had didn't look as nice as this gray, so I went with this one.

Here's a close-up of my Trinity stitch, also known as Blueberry stitch according to my book.

This is where I got hung up for a while - the buttonhole! The pattern is a little light on details, so I enlisted my mom's help plus some Youtube videos, and finally found the answer in the Knitting Book - hooray!

I'll post some pics when I get the dang thing finished. I need to get on it, because my stash is growing. Below from the top are some of my collection: a natural alpaca/wool blend from Clara's Loom for a sweater, a crazy pink and white thing to make a hat for my hairdresser, and a green merino wool from Lion's Brand for another sweater...I guess.

Shoot, by the time I get to that one, it'll be warm again here. I need to move!

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