Sunday, November 29, 2020

My First Alabama Chanin Corset

Well, I nearly forgot how to blog but a new comment popped up a couple of week ago hoping for a pic of the finished corset I handpainted with brown paint and a sponge several years ago, so I decided to add a pic and couldn't put it in the comments, thus a new post! Not sure where you found me, Vivine, but thanks for reading!

And this reminds me that I went with 2 of my sewing buddies, the electrophysiologist and the retinal specialist, to Alabama Chanin in September for the sewing weekend of a lifetime! Alas, I don't have the cable to upload the pics and have no idea where they're stored on the computer, if they even went to the Cloud....oh wait I found one that AC emailed me. This is the famous music studio we toured in Muscle Shoals:
We did our social distancing part and wore masks while sewing in the Factory, and an aMAZing time was had by all - I'll have to do a better post on the restaurants, the Gun-Runner Hotel which is a post unto itself, and seeing Natalie at dinner that last night at Odette's. Such good times. Anyhoo, I'll be back soon hopefully with catch-up pics of life, Hurricane Sally and its damage to the beach house where we have our own once-in-a-lifetime sewing weekends, etc. Have a good holiday!


BeckyW said...

Your corset looks great! I am glad you got to make your trip to Florence for your class. It is a real treat to get to do something like that these days. I’ve been wondering about how you beach house. My friends sisters place there was severely damaged.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Oh, I'll post some pictures at some point - it was devastating - 2 feet of water in the bottom floor and part of the 3rd floor roof flew off and it rained enough to leak down to the main floor! They've finally started working on it (7 weeks for county to approve permits for some reason) and I can't wait to host the next sewing weekend maybe in the spring. All the carpet is gone and we'll have updated bathrooms and daybeds everywhere!!! No more sleeping on the couch for anyone!

BeckyW said...

Oh wow!! That was a lot of damage! I hate you have to go through all that. I know it will be lovely again though.